Windows Paint Gets Another Boost With Better Editing Tools

After decades of being a rather basic image editing and drawing tool, Microsoft is finally getting serious with Paint in Windows 11. We’ve received several new Windows Paint features over the last year, and the latest release delivers better layers, brushes, eraser sizes, and more.

In the latest Windows 11 Insider build (both Canary and Dev channels,) we’re seeing a new Paint version 11.2402.32.0 packed full of more advanced image editing tools. Last year, Microsoft surprised us with new features, including layers, transparency, a much-needed dark mode, and background removals in pictures.

Now, in an effort to make its classic and long-standing image tool closer to a full-featured Photoshop competitor, that trend continues. Paint version 11.2402.32.0 is now testing a slider, giving users more control and sizing options. Microsoft said in a blog post, “With this update to Paint, we are improving the brush size selection experience with a new size slider for pencil, brushes, and eraser tools. With the new size slider, you can choose from a wider range of size options and preview the selected size on the canvas as you drag the slider.”

New layers option in Microsoft Paint

Additionally, Microsoft Paint will soon get a huge boost to layers, something many have requested to enable more advanced editing options. Look for a background option in the layers panel to choose a custom background color or hide the background entirely. Then, you’ll notice a new “Copy Visible Layers” mode to copy and paste all visible content across layers. Here’s how to try it: “Select an area using the selection tool and invoke the context menu or use the Ctrl + Shift + C keyboard shortcut. “Copy” (Ctrl + C) will copy the visible content from the current layer only.”

It’s worth mentioning that all of these features are currently in the “testing” phase for users. Thus, they may not be available to all Insiders. Microsoft will continue testing each tool and expand the rollout for more people as it receives feedback. Plus, we’re still waiting for the exciting new AI generation tools mentioned late last year, which could be called “LiveCanvas” when they arrive.

Source: Windows Blog

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