Motorola Refreshes the Affordable G Power Phone for 2024

Motorola is preparing to launch the latest versions of its Moto G Power and Moto G smartphones. These devices, which clock in at a respective $300 and $200, offer some premium features and specs at a lower price than the competition.

The 2024 Moto G Power offers several improvements over its 2023 predecessor, including a larger 6.7-inch display (up from 6.5 inches), wireless charging support, and 8 GB of RAM (up from 6GB). It uses a MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipset, which is slightly more powerful than last year’s Dimensity 930. Plus, the Moto G Power’s main camera now includes optical image stabilization (OIS), and the ultra-wide lens has been upgraded to 8MP.

Beyond these specs, the Moto G Power remains mostly unchanged. It still uses a 1080 x 2400 LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 50MP f/1.8 main camera, and a 16MP selfie shooter. The headphone jack and microSD card slot are retained, as are the 5,000mAh battery and stereo speakers.

The cheaper Moto G also gets some love. Motorola gave the phone a slightly larger 6.6-inch display (up from 6.5 inches) and swapped in a Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor. But that’s about it—the 2024 Moto G continues to lack wireless charging and OIS, and it still uses just 4GB of RAM.

Interestingly, the new Moto G Power and Moto G both include NFC functionality for tap-to-pay. Realistically, the addition of NFC may be the biggest improvement over last year’s models.

Note that Motorola also refreshed the $150 Moto G Play earlier this year. We’re quite happy with Motorola’s current device lineup, as the company’s smartphones provide advanced features for a low price. However, it’s worth noting that these ultra-affordable Motorola devices don’t receive frequent software updates. If you need a phone that’ll keep up for more than two or three years, it’s best to spend a bit of extra money.

The 2024 Moto G Power launches on March 29th for $300. However, it’ll be available at Cricket Wireless a week early. The cheaper Moto G 5G arrives for $200 on May 2nd but will go on sale at T-Mobile on March 21st. If you want to be alerted as these devices go on sale, join Motorola’s mailing list.

Source: Motorola

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