How to Check Call History for a Single Contact on Android

Key Takeaways

  • To check the call history for a specific contact on your Android phone, simply open the phone or contacts app, locate the contact, and tap the History icon (a clock with an arrow moving counter-clockwise) to access their detailed call log.

Whether you’re trying to remember when you last spoke to a friend, how long a call with a particular contact was, or how frequently you’ve recently called someone, skip looking through your entire call log and zero in on the information you need with this simple trick!

Why Check The Call History of a Single Contact?

If you use one device for both home and work calls, checking the call history of one contact can help you stay organized and keep track of calls with business. A call log could also help in legal documentation to show proof that you spoke to a contact at the times you said. In personal relationships, checking the call history for a single contact can help you communicate better with your friends. You can check how often you speak on the phone and use the data from the call logs to determine when best to speak with them and stop communication gaps before they happen.

The call history feature on Android devices makes keeping track of communication easy. With a few taps, you can access or delete the call history for any contact on your phone. Here’s how to do it.

Usually, only the most recent five hundred calls are stored in the call logs. That means you get a few weeks to a few months’ worth of call history information on your device. Also, if you change devices, you might not be able to access the call history on the previous phone because call history information is stored locally on the device storage.

How to Check the Call History for a Single Contact on Android Phones

The most common way of checking call history is to go through the call history and scroll through the many records of calls made on the device. This is manual and usually ineffective. You could easily lose track of how many times you have seen a particular contact in the sea of information. You would also have to take notes by hand or mentally of the calls. It is much easier to check for one contact only. Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy device, a Google Pixel, or a OnePlus phone, this guide will show you how to view call history for a single contact on your specific device.

There are two ways of checking the call history of contacts on Android devices. You can either use the Phone app or the Contacts app.

Using the Phone App

Going through the Phone app is the most common way of accessing call history. In the Phone app, you automatically get to see your call history and log in the Recent tab.

Start by opening the Phone app on your Android device. Go to the Recent tab and look for the contact you want to check the call history for. (This will only be easy if you have had a call with the person recently. If you haven’t, you will have to scroll through all the logs. The next heading solves that problem.)

Tap on the contact and select History in the pop-up window. The history button might look like an information button on other devices.

Tap the History icon in the

This will open a page where you can view the call history, dates, time duration, and nature of the call for just the contact you selected.

An example of call history for one contact in the Android Phone app.

Using the Contacts App

Checking for call history in the Contact app is a common feature on Samsung devices. You can look up a contact and view the call history information for that contact. You start by opening the Contacts app. Then, search for the contact of your choice and select it. Now, hit History at the bottom of the screen to view the call history.You can now access the call history and information of that contact.

Call history for a specific contact in the Contacts app.

That’s all there is to it. You can now view the call history for single contacts without going through the hassle of scrolling without end.

How to Delete the Call History for a Single Contact on Android Phones

You can also delete the call history of just one contact without clearing your entire call log. Deleting the call history of a single contact might come in handy for privacy reasons or to stay organized without losing most of your call information.

To delete the contact of one contact, access the call history of the contact by following the steps above. After doing that, tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top left corner. In the drop-down that appears, tap on Delete History.

The call logs for that contact will be removed entirely from your phone and the general call log.

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