Your Apple Watch Is Great for Taking Quick Voice Memos

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The Apple Watch does so much that it’s easy to forget about some of the most basic functionality. This includes using the in-built microphone to not only take calls but also record voice memos, right on your wrist.

Using the Voice Memos App

You can take a quick sound recording using the Voice Memos app that’s pre-installed on your Apple Watch. This requires the counterpart iPhone Voice Memos app. If you can’t find it, there’s a good chance that you’ve deleted it so download it again from the App Store (for free) and add it to your Apple Watch.

You’ll then find the Voice Memos app in the main menu, accessible by pressing the Digital Crown. You could add the app to your Apple Watch dockĀ or as a Complication on a Watch face for even quicker access. You can also tell Siri to “take a voice memo” to quickly open the app.

Apple Watch Voice Memos app

Once open you’ll see a red record button. Tap it, speak, then tap it again to save your recording. Once you’ve finished you can swipe left on a recording to quickly delete it, or tap on it to playback on your Watch.

Recordings Are Automatically Transferred to your iPhone

Just like screenshots taken on your Apple Watch, recordings will automatically be transferred to your iPhone. Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone and you should see the recording there waiting for you. You may need to wait a short while for especially long recordings.

Recordings in Voice Memos app for iPhone

From here you can tap on a recording and use the ellipsis “…” icon to organize, share, or upload the recording to a location of your choosing. Recordings will be in M4A format and are remarkably small considering how passable the quality is (around 1MB for a one-minute clip).

All Sorts of Uses

The Apple Watch is useful for taking recordings anywhere you get a thought that you can’t be bothered to type out or jot down. You can embed these files into notes or documents, or transcribe them later.

This functionality is also useful for recording conversations, meetings, or other interactions. Just be aware of any privacy laws in your country before you start recording people without their knowledge!

You can record surprisingly usable audio with an Apple Watch, which may be useful in small video projects. If you don’t have a lavalier mic that you can attach to the speaker, it’s relatively easy to sync the M4A audio with a video you’ve shot on your iPhone using a free app like iMovie. To make things easy, start both recordings, then clap (on camera) so you can match the audio to your footage in post.

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