You’ll Soon Be Able to Play Cloud Games on Xbox Consoles

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Microsoft just had its Gamescom 2021 event, and it announced all sorts of stuff. One announcement that stood out is the option to stream games from the cloud on an Xbox Series X, Series S, or Xbox One game console.

Xbox Game Streaming on Consoles

Microsoft says you’ll need to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to take advantage of this new streaming feature. As long as you have one, you’ll be able to play more than 100 games right from the cloud without needing to wait for them to download.

Why would you want to play cloud games on a console that’s perfectly capable of playing the games without it? For one, storage space is at a premium on today’s consoles, and streaming them won’t eat up precious space on your drive.

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Additionally, you won’t have to wait for the games to install, so you can try a game out in seconds instead of waiting for the game to download.

Finally, Xbox One owners can play certain games only on Series S or X since they’ll be streaming them and not processing them locally.

An example Microsoft cites (aside from impatience) is having friends ask you to play a multiplayer game on Game Pass, but you don’t have it already downloaded. Now, you can hop right in and play with them instead of making them wait for you to download and install it.

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Console Game Streaming Availability

Microsoft announced that game streaming is coming to consoles this holiday season, so you can’t take advantage of it just yet.

If you don’t want to wait, Microsoft will begin testing the feature through the Xbox Insider Program in the Fall, so you can try it out a little sooner.

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