You Don’t Need a Reservation to Buy a Steam Deck Anymore

You don’t need to queue up anymore — just buy one.

The Steam Deck is one of the hottest gaming products of the year, as it’s a full gaming PC in the form of a handheld console. If you were looking to buy one, you don’t need to make a reservation anymore — you can just get one right now.

Valve has announced that it’s finally removing its virtual reservation system. That means that the company has finally ramped up its production enough to let everyone just place an order at any time. If you want a Steam Deck, and you can pay for it now, you can just go to Steam’s website and get one ordered. The device is available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB — we definitely recommend you get one of the more expensive options if you can afford it, since PC games can get heavy.

In addition, Valve has also made available a Docking Station for the Steam Deck. It’s similar in functionality, but not in looks, to the dock in the Nintendo Switch, giving you HDMI, DisplayPort Ethernet connectors as well as USB ports. It lets you connect your Steam Deck to your TV or monitor, so you can rest from using it in handheld mode all day and have it work more similarly to a regular gaming PC.

You can get both the Steam Deck and the docking station on Steam’s website right now.

Source: Steam Deck (Twitter, Website)

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