You Can Stream to Twitch From Your Xbox Dashboard Again

Finally, Twitch steaming has come back to Xbox.

Everyone with an Xbox console can start streaming to Twitch again today. The feature was missing in action for some time, but it’s finally ready to go for all console gamers.

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Microsoft used to have Twitch streaming on the dashboard in 2014, but the feature went away when the company got rid of its Snap interface in 2017. For dedicated streamers, the Twitch app on Xbox still supported streaming, but with the new update, all Xbox consoles can start streaming right from the dashboard quickly and easily.

Streaming on Twitch will now appear in the Capture and Share tab of the Xbox Guide on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles starting today. You can stream with both your headset and webcam, so you can create a reasonably professional broadcast. There are also options for messing with game or mic audio levels, controlling whether your friends’ audio plays in the stream, and even the ability to adjust the bitrate.

Obviously, you’ll need to link your Twitch account to your Xbox if you want to stream, but the process is quick and painless.

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It’ll be interesting to see if more people decide to dabble in the world of Twitch streaming now that there’s an easy way to do it right from the Xbox again.

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