You Can Now Protect Your Apple Account With Hardware Keys

Make your iPhone phishing-proof.

Two-factor authentication is a must-have in today’s digital world. There are different methods for it, but perhaps the most secure one is using a hardware key. Now, you’ll be able to secure your Apple account using one.

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Alongside other security announcements, such as a new encryption level for iCloud, the company confirmed that you’ll now be able to use third-party hardware keys to secure your iCloud account. It’ll make things simpler and, simultaneously, more secure — instead of having to get a two-factor authentication code to open your account, you can (optionally) grab your hardware key and tap it on the top of your iPhone, and that’ll serve as an authentication method.


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Apple says that this feature is designed for users who face “concerted threats” on their online accounts, referring to public figures such as celebrities, journalists, or politicians. After all, you have no way to access your account unless you actually have the hardware key with you — making it essentially phishing-proof.

This feature should be landing on your phone in a few days. Just hope you don’t actually lose your security key. That would be very bad.

Source: Apple

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