You Can Now Buy a Linux PC With Ryzen 7000 or 13th Gen Intel

System76 has been selling desktop and laptop computers built with Linux in mind for years. The company just updated the design of its Thelio desktop, and now it’s available with the latest and greatest x86 CPUs.

System76 sells three desktop computers: the cheapest Thelio workstation (starts at $949), the more powerful Thelio Mira (starts at $999), and the high-end Thelio Major (starts at $3,499). Starting today, you can now configure the Thelio and Thelio Mira with 13th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. Specifically, you can choose the Core i5-13600K at 5.1 GHz or the Core i7-13700K at 5.4 GHz on both computers, while the Mira is available with Ryzen 7 7600X, Ryzen 7 7900X, or Ryzen 7 7950X. The Thelio Major uses AMD Threadripper CPUs, just like before.

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Pricing is still higher than what you might pay for a pre-built PC from a major PC manufacturer, but the Thelio has a unique customizable design, and it’s designed to run desktop Linux. Thelio computers ship with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS pre-installed, and System76 offers full Linux support, which is still shockingly rare with most PC manufacturers. Usually, if you buy a Windows PC and install Linux, you’re on your own if you run into technical problems.

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At the same time, System76 is running a “Build Your Beast” sale for Halloween, which is reducing the prices for desktops across the board. Depending the configuration you go with, you could save up to $2,200 compared to typical prices, with the most savings coming from the highest-end builds. Besides the new CPUs, you can also pick builds with up to 88TB of storage, up to 256GB RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.

Source: System76 (Twitter)

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