Xbox ”Wraps” Are a New Take On Special Edition Consoles

A new look for your existing console, without stickers.

Special-edition consoles aren’t really a thing anymore, outside of limited production runs or giveaway items. Sony has opted for swappable custom covers for the PlayStation 5, but there hasn’t been any options for the Xbox Series X or S outside of third-party skins. The days of special edition Xbox consoles with unique designs might be over, but now at least Xbox Series X owners can buy “wraps,” which will give your console a new look without breaking out the screwdriver or carefully applying decal stickers.

Microsoft is releasing what it calls Xbox Console Wraps, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a layer of customization that goes on top of your existing console, whatever color it is. While the name might remind you of vinyl skins like those made by companies such as Dbrand, these are actually rather different. Instead of adhering to your console, these ones are hard-shell wraps that snap onto your console magnetically. This has a few disadvantages and advantages. While it won’t look as “good” as a vinyl wrap, it’s also way easier to put on and remove, and removing it also will not leave any glue residue or anything of the like.


In all honesty, these seem like Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PlayStation 5 panels. Those panels are actually fully removable and replaceable, and Sony makes a series of customized aftermarket panels that can be swapped into your console in a matter of minutes. Of course, Microsoft’s console isn’t as customizable out of the box, so the next best solution, short of vinyl skins (which a lot of people don’t really want to mess around with due to them being complicated to apply), is probably this.

There are a total of three wraps you can check out as of now — there is a special edition featuring a Starfield-inspired design to celebrate the upcoming release of the game, and two camo wraps, including the grey and white Arctic Camo and the blue and purple Mineral Camo. It’s likely that going forward, Microsoft will release special-edition controllers alongside new Wraps, similar to how Sony has been releasing both controllers and console panels with specific designs.

Source: Microsoft

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