Xbox Series S With 1TB Storage Now Available for $350

This is an increasingly digital world, and as such, it’s odd for our game consoles to come with so little storage out of the box. With most games coming up on 40GB of storage at least, with many crossing the 100GB mark, the digital-only 512GB Xbox Series S is at a disadvantage. Thankfully, there’s no an additional storage option for the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has released the Xbox Series S is finally releasing in a 1TB flavor, double from its usual 512GB. Just like the 512GB version, Microsoft says that the storage here should also be ultra-fast, and with 1TB, you should be able to fit at least a few games into your console’s storage before it runs out. The model was announced earlier this year, and is priced at $349 — more expensive than the $300 512GB Series S (which is often on sale for $250) but still less than the $500 Series X. However, it’s still missing a disc drive, like the original Series S.

Storage has been a big problem with this generation of consoles, with both Xbox consoles and their competitor, the PlayStation 5, supporting external storage and making it a selling point. The Xbox Series X, the more premium Xbox console with support for 4K gaming, comes with 1TB of storage, while the PlayStation 5 has an oddly specific 825GB out of the box. The Xbox consoles support proprietary expansion cards, while the PlayStation 5 supports regular m.2 NVMe SSDs.

The original Xbox Series S shipped with a lower 512GB storage capacity mostly as a cost-cutting measure. However, due to the lower 1440p and 1080p resolution target (the Series X aims for 4K), many games also have a smaller installation size on Series S than the more expensive Series X, due to smaller texture files. You can still run out of storage with just a handful of large games installed, though. Taking that fact into account, having 1TB out of the box means that you could actually fit more games into the Series S than the Series X. Perhaps Microsoft should follow this up with a 2TB Series X, then?

The Xbox Series S with 1TB of storage is now available at Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft’s online store, the Xbox online store, and other retailers for $350.

Source: Microsoft

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