Windows 11 Update Makes Screen Casting More Useful

Microsoft added Miracast support to Windows back in 2013, allowing you to project your PC’s screen to a display, TV, projector, or other display using a wireless network connection (instead of cables). That feature still isn’t popular, though, and now the company is updating it to be more noticeable and useful.

Microsoft just released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23516 in the Dev Channel for Windows Insiders, and it includes some updates for the Cast feature. The company explained, “Casting from your Windows PC allows you to wirelessly extend your display to another nearby PC, TV or other external displays. We are making some improvements that focus on educating people about the Cast feature, improving its discoverability, and simplifying the overall experience in Windows 11.”

Right now, Microsoft is experimenting with suggesting the Cast feature when you are frequently switching between Windows or using the Snap Assist feature. Presumably, if you are constantly swapping between applications, you might benefit from using your TV or another wireless monitor as another screen. However, those suggestions will be in the form of push notifications, which sounds potentially annoying.

The screen casting feature in Windows can also turn your PC into a target streaming device for other PCs, but on both Windows 10 and 11, it requires the “Wireless Display” optional feature to be installed. Microsoft’s other experiment in this preview build is adding a “Set up now” shortcut in the Cast menu (accessible from the Quick Settings panel). If you click the new option, Windows will install the feature and allow your PC to be discovered as a screen for other PCs.

New Cast setup in Windows 11

Wireless display support was first introduced in Windows 8.1, allowing you to use TVs and projectors as external monitors or presentation screens at up to 1080p resolution. Microsoft updated the feature in Windows 10 to support input from the receiver (helpful for large touch screens), protected content with HDCP, and more Miracast extensions. The Windows 10 Creators Update in 2017 added the ability to stream over an existing Wi-Fi network (more like a Chromecast), instead of always pairing directly with the target device.

The new Cast changes are being tested in the Windows 11 Dev Channel, so it will likely be a few months before they are rolled out to all Windows PCs. Some of the details might also change before the full release.

Source: Windows Insider Blog

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