Vivaldi 6.6 Adds Chrome Extensions to Web Panels

The Vivaldi web browser is quite popular thanks to a slew of features and constant updates. While this is the first update for its desktop variant in 2024, it’s a big one. The latest Vivaldi v6.6 release supercharges its Web Panels with Chrome Extensions, improves mail search, and more.

Throughout the last year or so, the Vivaldi team has been busy launching Vivaldi for iPhone or iPad and quickly improving the experience, to upgrading various media playback features and workspaces in the desktop browser. With the new Vivaldi for desktop 6.6 release, the developers have added improved privacy controls, webpage color themes, improved translation, faster mail search controls, and the ability to import/export your notes and reading lists. According to the official changelog, that’s along with over 100 changes, bug fixes, or tweaks.

The latest Vivaldi v6.6 desktop browser update is now available for download. Aside from a few of the things mentioned above, one of the most significant changes you’ll love is full extension support in Web Panels.

Vivaldi Browser web panel extensions.

Yes, you can finally supercharge Web Panels with extensions. Here’s what the dev team had to say, “Your favorite extensions now work inside Web Panels. You can add popular websites like Spotify and WhatsApp as Web Panels, and extend their functionality using extensions available from the Chrome Web Store. Vivaldi is compatible with most Chrome extensions.”

Additionally, there are new page navigation buttons on the Web Panel toolbar, allowing users to navigate through panels easily or instantly jump back to the panel’s start page. Another thing worth pointing out is the new website permissions dashboard. Privacy and security are important these days, and with Vivaldi 6.6, you’ll have greater control over permission and notification requests from websites.

Overall, this is a solid update and a great way to kick off 2024 for the desktop experience. While it may not deliver a slew of new features, combining everything that changed with all the background improvements makes it easy to see why many consider Vivaldi a do-it-all browser. Vivaldi is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

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