Use Twitter in Windows Media Center with TwitterMCE

Are you a Media Center user who just can’t get enough Twitter? If so, you may want to check out the TwitterMCE plugin for Windows Media Center. Download and install TwitterMCE application. (See download link below) When you start Windows Media Center, you’ll find the TwitterMCE icon listed in the Extras.


When you open the plug-in you’ll be prompted for a Paypal donation and have to wait out the 15 second timer.


Next, you’ll need to log in to your Twitter account. Enter your Twitter account username and password. You can do this with the keyboard or by entering letters and numbers with a Media Center remote. When you are finished, select the Login button.  


You’ll be prompted to select Standard or Video Mode.


Standard displays items in a more vertical fashion.


Video displays them horizontally and one at a time, and also allows you to watch Live TV, a movie, or video at the same time.


Reading Your Tweets Clicking on Home allows you to read the latest Twitter messages from your friends.


You can access the previous 20 tweets. Scroll up and down to see additional messages in Standard mode, ro right and left in Video mode.


Click on the individual Twitter messages to get more information, such as which friend sent the tweet.


Create a Tweet To Create a Tweet directly from Media Center, select the Update button.


Type out your message using your keyboard or your remote and the on-screen keyboard. When you are finished, select Update to send your Twitter message.


A few moments later your new tweet will appear.  


To send a tweet while you are watching TV or a video, log in to the TwitterMCE app, choose the Video mode, and select Update.  


Enter your tweet with the remote or keyboard. Select Update to send the tweet.


  You can also view Mentions, Friends, and Followers selecting the appropriate button.


  Scroll through your list of friends to read their latest tweets.


  The TwitterMCE plugin works will Windows Vista Premium, Ultimate, and Windows 7. It might not completely replace your favorite Twitter App, but it will allow you to send all the tweets you want without having to take your eyes off your favorite TV programs. Download TwitterMCE

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