Update Your Facebook Profile from Outlook

Do you have Microsoft Outlook open all day at work dwelling on company business but would rather be updating your Facebook profile?  Today we will look at a small add-on utility which allows you to interact with your Facebook profile from within Outlook.

Using FBLook

FBLook is a small utility that integrates seamlessly with Outlook and allows you to update your Facebook status, show what your playing in iTunes or WMP, see your friend status, and receive notifications.

The download is less than 320KB and installation is quick and easy following the installation wizard.


After installation you will see FBLook as a inconspicuous toolbar in Outlook.  To start using FBLook you will need to log into your Facebook account from the toolbar.


log in

Also, the first time you want to change your status you will have to allow 3rd party application updates so just click OK.


Then you will be brought to the Facebook page to allow FBLook to do status updates.


Now you can change your status by writing in your own custom thought or choose from some of the preconfigured messages from the drop down box.  If you have music playing in WMP or iTunes there will be a selection for the music.


write on wall

Drop down the FBLook menu on the left to log out, check new activity, or visit the FBLook site.  The left dropdown arrow will show you the amount of messages you have.




Scroll further down on the FBLook drop down menu and you’ll see what all of the messages above actually are.


FBLook is a great way to clandestinely keep up with your Facebook activities while at work and works with Outlook 2003 and 2007.  The pointy-haired bosses will just think your busy writing business speak to their clients and be none the wiser.  If you’re a Twitter fan, check out how to Integrate Twitter with Microsoft Outlook which The Geek wrote about a while back.


Download FBLook from Tech Hit

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