Turn Any Android Device Into a Chromecast with This App

The new Google Pixel Tablet is far from perfect, but it offers one unique feature that we’d like to see in other Android devices—Chromecast built-in. You can cast movies or videos straight from your phone to the Pixel Tablet, just as you would with an Android smart TV. But, as it turns out, you don’t need a Pixel Tablet for this functionality. You just need the CastReceiver app.

CastReceiver allows you to turn any Android device into a Chromecast target. The app was recently highlighted by Mishaal Rahman, who used CastReciever to turn an old Android tablet into a dedicated streaming display. He also notes that CastReciever can convert a phone into a Chromecast Audio receiver (a fantastic idea, as cheap Chromecast Audio devices are hard to come by these days).

And, oddly enough, Windows 11 users can run CastReceiver on their PC through the WSA protocol. This is obviously a niche idea, and Windows already supports screen mirroring through Miracast. However, Miracast isn’t always an option, so this may be an interesting option for those who keep a PC plugged into their entertainment center.

Rahman previously attempted to port the Chromecast receiver APK from an Android TV to a tablet. But his idea was hampered by an “authentication issue.” Clearly, the developers behind CastReceiver figured out how to circumvent this problem, though we’re not sure how. CastReciever is the only app that offers this functionality.

The CastReciever app isn’t perfect, though. Because it lacks a valid “cast key,” it can’t stream DRM-protected content from sources like Netflix or Prime Video. Also, a device running CastReciever must be unlocked before it can be used as a Chromecast target. And if you want to cast to a device for more than five minutes, you need to pay $4. (CastReciever is free, but the full functionality is tucked behind an in-app purchase.)

You can download CastReceiver today at the Google Play Store. Note that Softmedia, the developer behind CastReceiver, also makes an AirPlay receiver app for Android devices (including Android TVs). If these apps sound too hacky, or if you need to cast DRM-protected content, look into buying a Nest Hub smart display or Google Pixel Tablet.

Source: Mishaal Rahman

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