This Smartwatch Doesn’t Have a Screen

Let me just check the ti… oh, right.

Most smartwatches these days look pretty much the same. A round or square screen, a couple of buttons, and a bunch of sensors. But have you ever seen a smartwatch without a screen?

The NoWatch was released during CES 2023, following an extended launch and crowdfunding campaign, and it might be one of the most bizarre products at the show (besides the urine scanner). It’s a round smartwatch that has everything you’d need from a smartwatch… except a screen. Instead, the screen is replaced by gemstones that can be swapped out however you like.


The watch (which isn’t a watch) is designed to not steal time away from the things that matter in your life, but it’s, nonetheless, a weird proposition. It’s a product that reminds us a lot of the NoPhone, a plastic slab that resembles a smartphone, but there are some differences. While the NoPhone has no features, the NoWatch actually has a full set of sensors, such as a heart rate sensor, an SpO2 sensor, a skin temperature sensor, and even an electrodermal activity sensor. It just doesn’t have a screen, but you can still look at all those health stats through a companion app.

The NoWatch is more or less a smart bracelet without a screen, but with the same physical dimensions as a watch. You can expect to pay at least £300 ($361) for the novelty depending on your choice of gemstone, though, at which point you might actually want to get a device with a screen on it.

Source: Wareable

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