This New PC Case From ASUS Can Fit 13 Fans

Cooling your gaming PC can get complicated once you get past a certain performance point. The better a CPU/GPU performs, the hotter it’ll get. That’s why it’s important for high-performance PC builds to have lots of cooling, and a new case from ASUS is built just for that.

ASUS just revealed the TUF Gaming GT502 case for custom PCs. The TUF brand is normally reserved for mid-range gaming, while the more recognizable ROG lineup is what ASUS normally uses for ultra-premium gaming gear. Despite that, this TUF case has everything a premium user could need, including, most importantly, ample space and versatility for cooling.


It has a dual-chamber design and, in total, the case lets you install up to 13 fans (coming with four preinstalled ARGB fans as well as an ARGB hub), letting you draw and exhaust the right amount of air to keep your PC cool. Or probably a lot more than it actually needs. Because, really, that’s overkill for most systems. If you have very high-end parts, or if you’re planning to overclock a lot, that will probably come in handy. The case also comes with a lot of versatility regarding cooling, letting you install up to a 360mm radiator for AIO coolers or custom liquid cooling loops.

Being this big, it can accommodate pretty much anything you want to install. It supports up to 400mm graphics cards, ATX motherboards, ATX power supplies, and even a vertical bracket should you choose to mount your graphics card horizontally. Likewise, the case comes with many other commodities to please all PC builders, whether they’re building a normal, mid-range gaming PC or an RTX 3090 Ti-equipped behemoth of a machine. These range from rich front panel headers, including a USB-C port, and even built-in cable clips for making cable management easier.

We don’t have pricing or availability info, but keep an eye on your retailer of choice if you’re interested in acquiring one of these for your next gaming PC.

Source: ASUS

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