This Mechanical Keyboard Has LEGO Attachments

Customization knows no limits.

A mechanical keyboard can be a great addition to your desktop PC. They can be endlessly customizable, with different boards and key switches, especially this new LEGO-compatible keyboard.

A brand called MelGeek has released a mechanical keyboard that looks like it’s made of LEGO. It’s called the Pixel (not to be confused with Google’s hardware lineup), and it has a cool, blocky tenkeyless design. Everything around it is modeled to look, and work, like LEGO. The keycaps, for one, are LEGO pieces rather than standard keycaps. And the sideboard also has LEGO studs everywhere, so if you have a LEGO set, you can use it to customize your keyboard to your liking.


Despite its cute LEGO design, though, it’s still a premium mechanical keyboard inside and out. The board has RGB lightning, both wired and wireless connectivity, and hot-swappable switches. Its price tag is also as steep as a premium gaming keyboard would be, coming in at $199 for the “super early bird” price.

If this sounds like your next keyboard, make sure you check out MelGeek’s website to know more about when it’ll launch.

Source: The Verge

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