This Joy-Con Replacement Makes the Switch More Comfortable in Handheld Mode

Do your hands cramp when playing your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode? Do you long for full-sized analog sticks for better control in shooters and games that require precise movement? If you’re nodding your head, listen up!

For Big Hands or Extended Play Sessions

The Nintendo-licensed HORI Split Pad Pro replaces your Joy-Con entirely by sliding into the rails on either side of the Switch console. The controller features a much larger, ergonomic design that fills your palms and makes your humble Switch look and feel more like Valve’s Steam Deck.


Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Black) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode – Officially Licensed By Nintendo – Nintendo Switch (Renewed)

HORI Split Pad Pro

Replace your Joy-Con with the HORI Split Pad Pro and enjoy a more comfortable and ergonomic Nintendo Switch handheld experience. Ideal for those who find the Joy-Con uncomfortable, imprecise, or impractical for long play sessions.

It features two full-sized analog sticks with a much greater range of motion, a real directional pad, bigger and less “clicky” face buttons, and elongated bumpers and triggers. On the back are two programmable buttons that you can swap on the fly, and the controller also features a Turbo button for automating rapid button presses if you want.

HORI Split Pad Pro docked
Tim Brookes / How-To Geek

The Split Pad Pro makes for a much more comfortable experience if you find the Joy-Con especially small. The greater range of movement provided by the full-sized analog sticks, and the more ergonomic layout lets you play for longer in handheld mode before your hands start to cramp up.

If you have a standard Nintendo Switch (non-OLED) you can dock your console while the Split Pad Pro is connected, no problem. HORI recommends Nintendo Switch OLED owners remove the Split Pad Pro before docking, though there are mixed reports on Reddit about whether or not this is necessary.

No Gyro, Rumble, or Amiibo Support

There are some drawbacks to the Split Pad Pro. The controller lacks a battery, and that means it feels a lot lighter than the Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. To some, this feels cheap, but in our opinion, it makes the Switch even better suited to long play sessions.

No battery means no wireless play, though HORI sells a version of the Split Pad Pro with an attachment that lets you use it as a traditional wired controller if you’re interested. The pad lacks rumble and gyroscopic controls, and you can’t use the controller to scan Amiibo as you can with Nintendo’s first-party accessories.

HORI Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch
Tim Brookes / How-To Geek

The Split Pad Pro also makes your Switch a lot bigger, which means you’ll want to invest in a bigger case for travel. Fortunately these are available from a range of manufacturers, like this one from ButterFox or this official HORI protector.

Try These Alternatives Too

You can buy the Split Pad Pro blue or black, or pick up Megaman, Pokémon, and Sonic editions if you’d rather. Other products also solve this solution, including the binbok Wireless RGB Joy-Con replacement and the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro 3 (which uses your existing Joy-Con).


Satisfye – ZenGrip Pro Gen 3 OLED, a Switch Grip Compatible with Nintendo Switch – Comfortable & Ergonomic Grip, Joy Con & Switch Control. #1 Switch Accessories Designed for Gamers (Black)

Satisfye ZenGrip Pro 3

Make your existing Joy-Cons more comfortable by slapping the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro 3 on your Switch. This latest version is compatible with both the original Switch and revised OLED model.

If you already have a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you might want to check out the Fixture S1 and mount your Switch on top of the full-sized controller instead.

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