This Is Microsoft’s Great Xbox Bundle Deal for the Holidays

Tech companies are ramping up sales and promotions ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. The Xbox Series S is already an excellent value for anyone interested in console gaming, but now Microsoft is sweetening the deal.

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The Xbox Series S is normally priced at $299, and serves as a more budget-friendly option against the $499 Xbox Series X. It’s not quite as powerful as the Series X, but can still manage to play most new games at 1080p at 30 FPS, and some titles at higher resolutions and framerates. Given the recent prices of gaming PCs and related hardware, a $300 box that can play modern cross-platform games at decent visual quality is a good deal.

Microsoft revealed today that it will sell a “Gilded Hunter Bunde” this holiday season. The package includes an Xbox Series S and game controller, Fortnite with the “Gilded Hunter Pack” pack of cosmetic items and 1,000 V-Bucks, Rocket League with several cosmetics and 1,000 credits, and Fall Guys with the “Gilded Hunter Pack” and 1,000 Show-Bucks.


Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter Bundle

This $299 bundle includes an Xbox Series S, a controller, and in-game items for Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys.

Those games are already free-to-play, but the bundle will be sold for $299, which is the typical price for an Xbox Series S on its own. A bundle deal with a second controller or a temporary Xbox Game Pass subscription would have been a bit more exciting — still, it’s hard to complain about free game items at the same price, especially when the Series S is already a great deal.

Microsoft says the bundle will go on sale starting November 29, and will be available “while supplies last.” The company didn’t mention exactly which stores will sell the bundle, but a pre-order page is already live at the Microsoft Store.

Source: Xbox News

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