This Alienware Monitor Has a 500 Hz Refresh Rate

2023 kicks off with the smoothest monitor of all.

You’ve heard of high refresh rate 144 Hz and even 240 Hz monitors, and you might have even seen a couple of 360 Hz options. But what about 500 Hz? It might seem ridiculous, but it’s now a reality.

🎉 The Alienware AW2524H Gaming Monitor is a How-To Geek Best of CES 2023 award winner! Make sure to check out our full list of winners to learn more about exciting products coming in 2023.

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The Dell-owned gaming hardware brand has announced the AW2524H monitor at CES 2023, which comes with the world’s fastest refresh rate available in a consumer monitor. It has a native refresh rate of 480 Hz and an overclocked refresh rate reaching a whopping 500 Hz.

This means that the screen is capable of refreshing 500 times every single second. That makes it the smoothest monitor money can buy at the time of writing — before this, the most we’ve had is 360 Hz, and that option was just available in a handful of monitors from Acer, ASUS, and Alienware itself.


With this new 500 Hz monitor, Alienware seeks to position itself ahead of the curve with computer hardware once again. However, it does raise the question of whether or not you’ll be able to perceive the difference between this and a monitor with a lower refresh rate.

After all, tests performed with 240 Hz and 360 Hz show that most people can’t tell the difference. If anything, this might help pro gamers who play games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and need their screen to be constantly refreshed as fast as possible.

Keep an eye out on your retailer of choice to know more about when this product will land on store shelves. It’ll cost a pretty penny, though.

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