These Features Are Coming to Mastodon in 2023 And Beyond

Mastodon is the open-source and federated social media network that shot up in popularity in 2022, largely thanks to Elon Musk’s messy purchase of Twitter. Now the project has an official roadmap for upcoming features.

Since Mastodon is open-source, it was already possible to see what was being worked on by looking through the GitHub repository, but now there’s a much simpler public roadmap on the Mastodon website. The new list reveals which features are in the works for the platform and web app, as well as the official apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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Improvements in the works for the server/web app include groups (which will work a bit like Twitter Circles or Google+ circles), editing metadata for media when editing posts, role badges for profiles, and some tweaks to how lists are handled. Importing lists and delays for account deletions are planned for the future, and the project is looking into better notification handling and the option to restrict who can reply to a post. Support for paid sign-ups and pay-per-use storage is also being explored, which could be a solution to high server bills for Mastodon server administrators.

Meanwhile in the iPhone/iPad app, support for post editing and landscape video viewing is in progress, while features like filters, lists, sever information, and pull-to-refresh on threads are planned for the future. The Android app’s roadmap for planned features also includes lists and filters, as well as a checkbox for forwarding posts, translation support, and the ability to follow hashtags.

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Mastodon seems to have an excellent year ahead. Sites like Tumblr and Flickr are working on ways to integrate with the “Fediverse” network, which includes Mastodon and other platforms that support the ActivityPub protocol.

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