These Are the First Wi-Fi 7 Routers From ASUS

Wi-Fi 7 isn’t even out, yet many routers, and devices, are coming with support for the upcoming standard already. Now, ASUS is joining that list with its very first Wi-Fi 7 routers, and of course, they’re gaming-focused.

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ASUS just unveiled two new routers, the Rapture GT-BE98 and the RT-BE96U. Both of them belong to the ASUS ROG family of gaming devices, which means you can expect both of these routers to have an over-the-top design and, of course, be excellent for gaming. In the case of these devices, that means supporting the Wi-Fi 7 standard earlier.

ASUS, via Overclock 3D

The GT-BE98 is a quad-band router, supporting two 5 GHz bands, one 6 GHz band, and one 2.4 GHz band. The RT-BE96U is, on the other hand, a tri-band router, with support for one 5 GHz band instead of two.

ASUS hasn’t announced pricing or availability info for these routers, so you can’t go out and buy them right now. They’ll likely become available at some point this year, perhaps whenever the Wi-Fi 7 spec is actually finalized. What ASUS did say, however, is that we should expect more Wi-Fi 7 announcements over the course of the year, so you might not need to be stuck with a spaceship-looking router once the standard rolls around.

Source: Overclock 3D

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