The Samsung Galaxy A54 Is Almost Here

Samsung’s next big (mid-range) release is nearing.

Samsung’s Galaxy A lineup is perfect for people who don’t want to pay a thousand dollars (or more) on a smartphone, and the next mid-range entry could arrive as soon as next week.

Samsung’s India branch just announced an event when it will unveil a brand-new Galaxy A smartphone. While it doesn’t confirm whether it’s the Galaxy A54 or not, the page does mention a handful of specifications, such as a 120Hz screen, a “no-shake” camera, and 8GB of RAM. We also have three color options, including Burgundy, Black, and Green.

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These specifications probably don’t mean much on their own, but they’ve been associated in the past with the unreleased Galaxy A54 thanks to leaks and rumors. So even though it’s not mentioned by name, it’s not exactly hard to figure out what phone it might be.

Of course, this is an India event, but Samsung’s Galaxy A5x range sells well everywhere, including the US. It’s highly likely that the company will opt to sell the phone in India first (where it has fierce competition from companies like Xiaomi and might need a headstart) and follow that up with a global release down the road. It also might not want to distract a lot from its next big release, the Galaxy S23 series, which is rumored to launch within the next few weeks too.

Source: Samsung

Via: 9to5Google

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