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It may seem more natural to sit while we work, but researchers have been going back and forth on whether standing is a better alternative. FlexiSpot’s Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) lets you decide what works best for you with a simple design, thick leg columns, and a 25.6-inch height adjustment.

The design is little more than 2 carbon steel legs, a matching frame, and a 55 x 28-inch scratch and stain-resistant chipboard desktop, but the Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) can be a game-changer. The durability and heavy-weight build aside, the 22.8-inch to 48.4-inch height adjustment turns this desk into a versatile, multi-use workstation that benefits you in several different ways.

There are some minor improvements that could help with the E7’s aesthetics and functionality. However, its simplistic design and high-quality build result in a desk that’s good for both workflow and comfort.

A Simple, Durable Design

  • Material: Chipboard
  • Size: 55 x 28in
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Weight: 35.9lbs

When I first opened the box containing the solid black chipboard desktop, I was a little underwhelmed. It’s very basic, providing just a large flat surface with no options for tiered shelving or added storage. Then I remembered life before I was spoiled by Bestier’s 55-inch Gaming Desk, complete with LED lighting, monitor stand, and controller holder.

I had to reprogram myself back to my days as an office worker when I would appreciate the 55-inch surface of the Pro Plus Standing Desk. In fact, I had to measure both Bestier’s 55-inches and Pro Plus’, as there seems to be a discrepancy with the former. As it turns out, when you remove all of those added “features,” you have a lot of room for the things that help with productivity and organization.

So, as put off as I was by the basic design, I quickly found the benefit and have started to transition to the greater surface area as a permanent workstation. FlexiSpot’s desktops also shine in how solid they feel. The chipboard surface (comprised of small wood pieces adhered and pressed at high temperatures) is actually the least expensive material the Pro Plus Standing Desk is available in, and it still feels like a solid wood desk. It doesn’t have the telltale creases and gaps around the edges that pressed desks usually do. The black surface arrived and has remained scratch and scuff-free, despite its daily abuse.

Carbon-Steel for Long-Lasting Use

Profile of FlexiSpot E7 carbon steel leg at standing height
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

  • Motor: Dual-motor
  • Adjustable Height: 22.8-inch to 48.4-inch
  • Adjustable Width (legs): 43.4-inch to 74.8-inch
  • Loading Capacity: 355lbs
  • Weight: 69lbs

While the desktop is made of chipboard, FlexiSpot employs carbon steel for the frame and legs. Per the manufacturer, the metal used is “automotive-material grade,” which is sure to remain durable years into use. However, you’re left wondering if it was the only plausible material and, if not, how much cheaper would the desk have been if built from the next best?

Granted, having that promise of long-lasting sturdiness offers peace of mind and has severely limited any shaking that can occur during normal use. But would another, maybe slightly less durable metal offer the same user experience at a lower cost? Longevity and stability certainly aren’t things to complain about when it comes to furniture, it’s just a matter of necessity.

It’s worth noting that durability and stability aren’t the only perks offered by carbon steel. The legs and frame have been laser-welded to give the desk a seamless appearance, and it really does lead to a sleek design scheme. Even if you’re not too concerned about the look of your office furniture, it’s hard to miss just how simple and clean the frame looks, especially against the solid black desktop.

The frame features built-in cable management routing to prevent unsightly cable cobwebs.

The strong build of the Pro Plus E7’s individual components means it will last for years, but it also added a slight challenge to assembly. Every component of the desk is heavy. Flipping the completed desk over was nerve-wracking, and I was sure one or two screws would rip away from the chipboard. Everything did hold up well, though, and despite working alone (which was a bit reckless), assembling the E7 was simple.

Taking Your Work to All-New Heights

Keypad mounted to FlexiSpot E7 desk with digital display reading "32.7"
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

Adjusting the desk’s height couldn’t be any easier. A small, programmable panel screws to the underside of the desk, facing you. Its seven-button design is actually quite advanced with memory for four height presets. You can set two custom heights, designated as “1” and “2,” along with your preferred heights for standing and sitting.

The panel is responsive and easy to use, and an added USB charging port only enhances the convenience. According to FlexiSpot, the keypad included with this desk is the Premium Keypad. There’s also an Advanced Keypad with four presets, a sit-stand reminder, and an anti-collision sensor. The Premium Keypad also features a child-lock function for added safety.

But Is It Comfortable?

With how straightforward FlexiSpot’s E7 is, there is only one real factor determining if it’s a comfortable desk to sit at: user height. So long as you fit within the highest and lowest ranges, you should have no issue working at this standing desk. There are no unsightly jagged edges or off-putting ridges to get caught on; it’s a very smooth build.

As for whether standing while working is better than sitting, I can attest that I’ve experienced diminished leg stiffness and have felt a slight but noticeable change in how tight my lower back would get. After switching to the E7 adjustable desk, it has been far less frequent.

There’s been no hit to my workflow or productivity, and I see no detriment to standing while working, so long as your body is physically capable.

Customization: Building Your Dream Desk

One of the best things about the Pro Plus E7 is that there is quite a variety to choose from. I went with a standard black-on-black 55-inch desktop to match my office size and aesthetics, but you have the option of a bamboo, fiberboard, solid wood texture, or solid wood desktop. And from that decision, there is a varied selection of sizes, colors, and styles.

For example, you can purchase a white fiberboard 60 x 24-inch desk that has a curve cut into the front for an even more comfortable fit. Of course, price is dictated by the material and size of the desk. There are options at entry-level price tags ranging all the way up to those that rival the best of the best standing desks.

If you want a little more functionality with your desk, you can also shop a selection of accessories, like an under-mounted desk drawer or pegboard that screws right into preset holes. Cable routers, clamp power strips, additional under-desk storage, a monitor arm or stand, and a keyboard tray can all be added after the fact should you decide you want to customize your desktop.

As it stands, though, the standard desk is more than sufficient for the average user.

Should You Buy the FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 Standing Desk?

You can absolutely get an adjustable desk for as much as $300 less than what the basic 55-inch chipboard Pro Plus E7 costs. However, this is very much a case of you getting what you pay for. The E7 is one of the most stable desks I’ve sat at, and every aspect of its build, from the surface to the cable management tray, is high-quality.

Looking at the different configurations may be intimidating, but once you get into customizing every detail, you start to appreciate everything FlexiSpot thought of. Of course, be mindful of the cost of individual components and upgrades. Toying around with some options I would have added to my unique build, I quickly added $400 to the final price. To get the exact desk I’d want, which consisted of a solid wood desktop, dual-monitor arm, pegboard, cable router, and under-mounted drawer, I would be spending over $1,000. The upgrade from chipboard to wood is $100 on its own.

Barring a few inconveniences like a tight under-mounted cable tray that came standard and the overall heft, there’s little to not like about the E7. FEZiBO offers similar setups at a marginally lower cost, but there’s one area FlexiSpot absolutely excels, and that’s with its warranty. The E7 is clearly meant to be a lifetime desk with a 15-year warranty on the frame and motor, which is a decade longer than what FEZiBO and many other competitors provide.

FlexiSpot’s E7 standing desk may be on the costlier side and a bit heavier than other desks, but the dual-motor and carbon-steel frame help ensure you won’t be looking at desks anytime soon, if ever again. Not having to pay for every additional feature would be nice, but it’s a small price to pay considering you can build the perfect desk to fit your needs.


FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

  • Durable chipboard desktop
  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet, dual-motors
  • User-friendly keypad with four presets

  • A little too plain
  • Storage costs extra
  • Heavy build can be difficult to move
  • Cable tray is tight and not convenient

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