The iPhone 14’s Satellite SOS Is Already Saving People

Satellites to the rescue.

If there’s one thing that’s tremendously useful about the iPhone 14 lineup, in spite of some of its limitations, it’s got to be Emergency SOS via Satellite. It allows you to get help in situations where you normally can’t because of a lack of cell signal. Now, it has started saving lives.

There was an incident in the Angeles National Forest in California where a car went off the side of the mountain, falling 300 feet into a remote canyon. Luckily, one of the people in the car had an iPhone 14, which is what ultimately saved their lives. There was no cell signal at all, but the person was able to connect to one of Apple’s relay centers and request assistance.

Apple provided emergency services with accurate latitude and longitude information on the location of the accident, and using that, a helicopter was dispatched to rescue the victims out of the canyon and transport them to a hospital.

Without Apple’s help, getting in contact with emergency services would have been much harder. We’ll probably hear more news stories like this over the next weeks, months, and years as more people get their hands on the latest generation of the iPhone.

Via: MacRumors

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