The iPhone 13 Mini Has Been Discontinued

Last year, when Apple released the iPhone 14 range, the company decided that “Mini” models weren’t a thing anymore. After just trying it twice with the iPhone 12 Mini and, then, the iPhone 13 Mini, Apple was calling it quits and returning to its tried-and-true formula: One medium-sized iPhone and another, bigger iPhone — dubbed the Plus for non-Pro models and the Max for Pro models. If you were looking to get an iPhone 13 Mini, the last in a short line of tiny phones, you’ll have to go to the second-hand market now, as Apple decided to stop selling the new phone.

As of the time of writing, the iPhone 13 Mini can’t be bought through the Apple Store anymore, as Apple decided to discontinue the smaller model at the same time as the iPhone 12. Currently, as Apple is getting ready to start selling the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro this Friday, you can only order the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, and the iPhone 13 — there’s no sight of the smaller model anywhere on Apple’s website anymore, and you can’t choose it as a size on the iPhone 13 listing. You might still be able to get it through other retailers, as well as on physical Apple stores if you’re lucky, but once stock runs out, your only option might very well be the second-hand market.

iPhone 13 No Mini

This is not exactly a surprising move. Last year, when Apple updated its store in preparation to begin selling the iPhone 14 series, Apple brought the iPhone 12 Mini to a premature end simultaneously with the iPhone 11, thus making the regular-sized iPhone 12 the cheapest iPhone — not counting the iPhone SE, of course. Now, though, with the iPhone 13 taking this spot and the iPhone 13 Mini suffering that same premature death, it means Apple doesn’t officially sell any Mini models anymore.

These models never really sold well, but it’s possible they might return as non-yearly upgrades, like the iPhone SE series. Your best choice if you want a smaller iPhone is to either get the iPhone SE, which has a really dated layout with a Touch ID home button like the iPhone 8 or get a second-hand Mini model.

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