The Galaxy A35 and A55 Are Samsung’s Latest Cheap Phones

Samsung released the Galaxy S24 series earlier this year, but the company doesn’t just sell premium flagship phones. Samsung has a few budget smartphones under the Galaxy A lineup, and now the Galaxy A35 and A55 phones are on the way.

Samsung has just launched a pair of new devices, the Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G. These are the latest mid-range devices from Samsung, and while they don’t bring the full set of hardware and software improvements we’re seeing from the company’s flagships these days, we do have a few additions here. Compared to last year’s Galaxy A54, the A55 5G boasts an improved Night Mode that captures clearer and more vibrant pictures in dark environments. Both phones are equipped with technology that ensures crisp photos and videos even when you’re on the move.

The A55 5G and A35 5G also boast large 6.6-inch displays with FHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. It certainly catches our eye how some information is being omitted from the announcement, though. For one, we don’t know what chipset is being used, at least from Samsung’s announcement post. From other sources, we can see that it’s the Exynos 1480 in the A55, and the Exynos 1380 for the A35, but that’s not mentioned in the blog post—not even a vague “8-cores chipset” mention. It certainly looks like Samsung might not want to advertise it (we wonder why?). There’s also no mention of Samsung’s newest Galaxy AI features, so we might not see them here.

Security receives a significant upgrade with the inclusion of Knox Vault, a first-of-its-kind feature for the A series. This hardware-based system safeguards sensitive data on your device by creating a secure environment isolated from the main system. Additionally, Samsung Knox is included to protect your information from potential threats.

Samsung is also promising up to four generations of Android operating system updates and five years of security updates. It’s good, but it also shows that Samsung’s recent 7 years of updates policy will only apply to its flagships, at least for now.

Samsung’s announcement post has no mention of pricing or availability details. But as of the time we’re writing this, the phones are not available on Samsung’s US storefront or on any US retailer, so if Samsung’s planning to release these phones in the US, we’ll have to wait.

Source: Samsung, The Hindu

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