The Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Screen Protectors of 2024

There’s nothing worse than dropping your brand-new phone and picking it up to find a shattered screen. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S24 stays safe and sound with some of our favorite screen protectors.

What to Look for With a Galaxy S24 Screen Protector in 2024

Whether a screen protector makes sense for you doesn’t simply come down to how careful you are. Mistakes happen, things fall, and glass breaks. The glass in the Samsung Galaxy S24 is quite robust, as far as glass goes, but it’s still fragile compared to the rest of the phone.

Choosing a screen protector means choosing a material. Tempered glass screen protectors offer the most protection, but they’re pricier and don’t feel great to everyone. The alternative is PET film, which is cheaper and can be easier to apply, but doesn’t offer as much protection as the strong glass offerings.

Of course, tempered glass screen protectors can break, and PET film can wear down or become cloudy over time. The companies producing these protectors are aware of this, and often ship screen protectors in packs of two or more. If the price on a certain model seems a little high, be sure to check if it’s a multipack.

Despite the name, screen protectors aren’t just for protecting your screen from damage. They can also be quite effective at protecting your information from prying eyes. These are known as privacy screen protectors, and offer protection as well as privacy.

The screen isn’t the only important part of your phone made from glass. The camera lenses can be worth protecting even more, as these can protrude from the back of the phone, exposing them to more damage. You can buy camera lens protectors either on their own or in combination with a screen protector.

If you want to protect the body of your phone, don’t forget a case. While you can buy these on their own and there are screen protectors specifically meant to work with cases, it’s often easier to buy an all-in-one bundle. These come with a case, screen protector, and potentially even a lens protector in one package.

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Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector designed for Galaxy S24



✓ 9H hardness rating for solid protection

✗ The feel of tempered glass isn’t for everyone

✓ Included install kit for easy alignment

✓ Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints

✓ Two-pack means you’ve got an instant backup

Screen protectors are cheap, more or less disposable items, but that doesn’t mean you should just toss on the cheapest you can find and move on. If you want to keep your phone safe and be certain it will stay that way, your best option is a model from a proven brand like the Spigen Glas.TR EZ Fit.

This is a tempered glass screen protector, which offers more protection than a PET film screen protector. In this case, the glass is rated 9H on the hardness scale, which is as high as you’ll find for a screen protector. Spigen also provides a handy tool for installing the screen protector, making sure you end up with perfect alignment.

Toughness is one aspect of a screen protector, but it’s not the only aspect worth considering. The Glas.TR EZ Fit screen protectors are also outfitted with an oleophobic coating, which helps prevent fingerprints from collecting on the screen.

Tough as they may be, screen protectors are meant to break, so your phone’s screen doesn’t, which means replacing them from time to time. This Spigen screen protector comes as a two-pack, meaning you’ve got a backup ready in case of an unexpected drop.

Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector designed for Galaxy S24

Spigen GLAS.tR EZ Fit for Galaxy S24

Best Galaxy S24 Screen Protector Overall

The tempered glass construction and oleophobic coating of the Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit screen protector mean you get plenty of protection without losing the premium feel of the Galaxy S24.

letosan HD Clear Case Friendly for Samsung S24



✓ Comes in a three-pack as an extra bargain

✗ May not feel as premium as pricier screen protectors

✓ Includes three camera lens protectors

✓ Comes with wet and dry wipes to assist installation

People tend to equate the term “budget” with “cheap,” but it’s not just about the price you pay, it’s about what you get for the money. With that in mind, the letosan HD Clear Case Friendly Screen Protector is one of the best budget options you’ll find.

That said, be sure to keep the price in mind when you’re considering how much protection you get in this package. This is a tempered glass screen protector, but the Amazon listing mentions “up to 9H hardness,” which could mean that parts of the package aren’t quite so tough.

Similarly, the product page mentions an “anti-oil” coating without using the term oleophobic. This could just be the way the listing is worded, but keep in mind that at this price, you may not be getting the same level of fit and finish as you would expect to find in a pricier product.

With all of that in mind, this is still a fantastic bargain. For less than you’ll often pay for a single screen protector, you get three screen protectors and three camera lens protectors. You also get three wet and dry wipes, plus a dust absorber for fitting the protectors without trapping any dust or residue underneath.

letosan HD Clear Case Friendly for Samsung S24

Letosan Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S24

Best Budget Galaxy S24 Screen Protector

$10 $13 Save $3

This screen protector offers decent protection and an included camera lens protector at a low price, something that gets even better when you consider it’s sold as a three-pack.

SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case



✓ Included case provides drop protection up to 12 feet

✗ Case may be too bulky for some

✓ Integrated screen and camera lens protectors

✓ Supports fingerprint authentication

Not everyone is interested in spending hours finding the perfect combination of protective elements for their phone. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, the SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case is a great option, combining a case, screen protector, and camera lens protector in one package.

SPIDERCASE mentions 12-foot drop protection on the product page, and even if this is somewhat optimistic, but if you’re worried about your phone falling out of your pocket, it’s more than enough. The case features a built-in screen protector with support for fingerprint authentication, though you should re-add your fingerprint after fitting the case and protector.

You also get a protector for your camera lens, meaning all the important glass elements of your phone are protected. These don’t just protect from scratches, but dust and oil as well, meaning they could potentially improve the quality of your photos as well.

This case is only available in Black for the Galaxy S24, but there are other colors including blue, clear, green, and purple, available for the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra models.

SPIDERCASE Designed for Samsung Galaxy S24 Case

Spidercase Case and Screen Protector for Galaxy S24

Best Galaxy S24 Screen Protector and Case Combo

$23 $27 Save $4

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for protecting your phone, it doesn’t get much better than this kit, which includes a case, screen protector, and camera lens protector.

JETech Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24



✓ Helps protect your sensitive info from prying eyes

✗ Can slightly reduce overall brightness

✓ Included camera lens protector

✓ Two screen and lens protectors in each package

While screen protectors are normally used for protecting the physical structure of your phone, that’s not all they’re good for. If you want to protect your phone’s glass as well as your data, the JETech Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24 is the perfect option.

Typically, phones and other displays aim for the widest possible viewing angle, meaning you can easily see your screen from any angle. A privacy screen protector significantly narrows this angle, meaning only the person in front of the screen can see what is actually on the screen. If you deal with sensitive data on your phone, this could be essential.

Of course, as this screen protector is made from tempered glass, it also provides plenty of protection. It’s oleophobic as well, meaning it will keep fingerprints from collecting on the front of your device. This is handy, as the slightly darker tint of this screen protector can make fingerprints more easily visible.

Despite the privacy focus, this screen protector is both feature-packed and a bargain. In addition to the screen protector, you get a camera lens protector as well. Even better, you get two of each in every pack, making it an even better buy for the money.

JETech Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

JETech Privacy Screen Protector for Galaxy S24

Best Galaxy S24 Privacy Screen Protector

If you frequently deal with sensitive information on your Galaxy S24 and need to keep it confidential, the JETech Privacy Screen Protector offers a perfect combo of privacy and protection.

WSKEN for Samsung Galaxy S24 Camera Lens Protector



✓ 9H hardness-rated glass provides excellent protection

✗ Installation is slightly more complicated than single-piece models

✓ Design looks nicer than many camera lens protectors

✓ Available in multiple color options

Depending on how you use your phone, a camera lens protector might be more important than a screen protector. You may never drop your phone, but you’re almost guaranteed to set it down on a desk or table, exposing the camera to dust and potential damage. To keep your lenses safe, the WSKEN Lens Protector is a great option.

Many phones these days have camera arrays with three or more lenses—three in the case of the S24. While typical lens protectors are a glass slab that covers the whole array, that isn’t the case here. Instead, you get three small glass circles, one for each lens.

These small circles are made from glass with a hardness of 9H. While these can still scratch, they’re even more difficult to break than a screen protector of similar hardness because the small size makes them tougher and more resilient than a larger piece of glass.

Whether you want your camera lenses to stand out or blend in with the rest of your phone, you have options. These lens protectors are available in black, clear, colorful, and silver color varieties.

WSKEN for Samsung Galaxy S24 Camera Lens Protector

Wsken Camer Lens Protector for Galaxy S24

Best Galaxy S24 Camera Lens Protector

The glass that makes up your Galaxy S24’s camera lenses is arguably more important than the screen, which is why this styling pack of lens protectors is such a great buy.


Do I need a screen protector for my S24?

No, you don’t absolutely need a screen protector, but this answer depends on how you use your phone. If you frequently drop your phone or use it in areas where it could easily be damaged, a screen protector might give you better peace of mind.

Can I use my Galaxy S23 screen protector on my Galaxy S24?

No. Unlike the Galaxy S22 and S23, which were the same size, the Galaxy S24 is slightly larger, so you’ll need a screen protector created specifically for the S4.

How do I transfer my data to my Galaxy S24?

There are a few ways to transfer data from your old phone to the Galaxy S24. You can use Wi-Fi to transfer from an older Galaxy, a wired USB connection, or even a PC or Mac with Samsung’s Smart Switch app. For more info, see our guide to transferring apps to a new Android device.

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