The Apple Watch Ultra Gets Its Long-Awaited Low-Power Mode

You can get over two days of battery life on your Apple Watch Ultra — as long as you’re willing to shut some things off.

When the Apple Watch Ultra was announced, one of its headlining features was its amazing battery life, which was further improved thanks to the company’s new low-power mode. That feature, however, wasn’t present with the watch’s initial firmware. Now, it’s finally rolling out.

Apple’s watchOS 9.1 update is rolling out to Apple Watch Ultra owners, complete with a new ultra-low-power mode, which Apple promised to roll out sometime in the fall. According to the company, you should expect to get up to 60 hours of battery life by turning on this special mode, while still having most smartwatch functions working. This one is different from the existing battery-saver mode that’s included in the smartwatch, which turns off some features, and the Power Reserve mode, which turns off everything except the actual watch feature.

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While the existing low-power mode has full workout fidelity, letting you track your workouts the same way as in normal mode, this new mode works by limiting the amount of heart rate readings and GPS pings. As a result of this, the accuracy of workout tracking takes a hit, as heart rate/distance metrics aren’t updated as frequently. This low-power mode also turns off features like the always-on display in an effort to maximize battery life.

If you want to give it a shot on your Apple Watch Ultra, make sure to download watchOS 9.1 as soon as it lands on your watch.

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