Samsung’s T7 Shield SSD Now Has a Huge Storage Option

The Samsung T7 Shield is one of the best external SSDs around, thanks to its high performance and durable design. The only downside? It just goes up to 2 TB. Now, though, you can get it with a whopping 4 TB of storage.

Samsung has just announced a new 4 TB variant of the T7 Shield SSD, bringing you the same things that make the other variants excellent — including IP65 certification and excellent read/write speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s both ways — with a higher capacity. 4 TB of storage is a strong selling point for an SSD, and combined with the excellent durability, it makes the T7 Shield a more capable external drive.


Samsung T7 Shield (4 TB)

Samsung’s durable T7 Shield SSD is now available in a 4 TB capacity.

4 TB lets you store a lot more games in your library, or a lot of videos if you’re into video editing or recording. At this capacity, Samsung says you’re even able to store 12K video. Less than a minute of 12K video is roughly 4 GB, though, so you might not get to store a lot before you run out of storage. But you can take some videos around with you with this drive if your main storage won’t allow it.

The 4 TB Samsung T7 Shield comes with three years of warranty service, but it will cost you $430 (roughly 10 cents per gigabyte). All high-capacity portable SSDs are fairly expensive, especially compared to internal SSDs or external HDDs, so you might as well get one that’s really good quality.

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