Samsung’s New SSD Can Reach 6,000 MB/s

Samsung sells some of the best internal SSDs around, and the company’s drives are great choices for everything from an older upgraded laptop to a brand new gaming PC. The company has now revealed a new super-fast SSD, the PM9C1a.

The PM9C1a might not be the most memorable product name around, because it’s not intended for typical buyers — Samsung’s PM drive series is aimed at enterprise customers. The drive uses a new controller based on a 5 nm process, with “the company’s seventh-generation V-NAND technology” using PCIe 4.0.

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Samsung is promising sequential read speeds of 6,000 megabytes per second, and sequential write speeds of 5,6000 MB/s. That’s not quite as fast as the Samsung 990 Pro, which has read speeds up to 7,450 MB/s and writes of 6,900 MB/s, but it’s pretty close. Compared to the drive it’s replacing, the PM9B1, the new PM9C1a has 1.6x faster reads and 1.8x faster write speeds. The new model is also uses 10% less power in a laptop when in standby (sleep) mode.

The new drive is intended to be used in mission-critical hardware for business and other organizations, such as servers, work laptops, or medical equipment. However, Samsung does note that the drive will provide “elevated computing and gaming performance in PCs and laptops.” Even though you probably won’t be able to buy the PM9C1a drive for your own PC, it may end up in some gaming laptops and pre-built gaming PCs.

Source: Samsung

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