Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Is Too Popular for Preorders

Samsung had to stop preorders for its Galaxy Tab S8, as apparently, the device is too popular for the company to keep up with the high demand. As it turns out, people really want this particular Android tablet.

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It isn’t too surprising since the Galaxy Tab S8 appears to be an extremely capable device, especially the Ultra version, which features a massive 14.6″ display and specs that look on par with some laptops. It does feature a price tag that seems prohibitively expensive at $1,099, but that hasn’t stopped that model from selling out completely.

The smallest and most affordable Galaxy Tab S8, which features an easier-to-stomach $699 price tag, is also sold out, leaving only the mid-level Galaxy Tab S8+ in stock. And based on the popularity of the other two models, we have to assume it’s only a matter of time until Samsung pauses preorders on that one, too.

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It’s hard to say precisely why the devices have sold out so quickly without knowing how many Samsung actually put up for sale. With the current chip shortage, it’s possible that Samsung was only able to guarantee a limited number of tablets for launch day. On the other hand, it’s also possible that Samsung made plenty of Galaxy Tab S8 devices, and the demand really was that high.

Either way, this shows that Apple doesn’t have the tablet market completely locked down, and when there’s a worthwhile device, people will buy it.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

If you’re interested, you’d better act fast as they’re almost completely sold out.

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