Samsung’s Fastest microSD Cards Are Already On Sale

Not all SD cards are created equally. Some cards are slower than others, which isn’t usually a problem if you just need storage for your music or movie collection, but applications and games are a completely different story. Thankfully, you can now grab Samsung’s PRO Ultimate SD cards at a discount right now, which are among the fastest microSD cards currently available.

Samsung’s PRO Ultimate lineup of SD cards was barely announced two weeks ago, but now, the cards are already on sale. These cards have read speeds of up to 200 MB/s, as well as write speeds of up to 130 MB/s, making them slightly faster than the speeds in the popular PRO Plus card lineup. These speeds are nothing compared to some of the speeds we’ve seen on SSDs, with NVMe SSDs in particular being able to read and write several gigabytes a second. But these are pretty good as far as SD cards go.

The 128GB microSD card is currently $17, down from its regular price of $20.99. The 256GB one costs $24.99, down from $34.99, while the 512GB one costs $44.99, down from its usual $64.99. These are amazing savings for some of the best SD cards on the market, but you should definitely hop on this deal while it’s still hot.

If you don’t know how to choose your SD cards, you might end up with ones that are really slow. In fact, some SD cards are actually slower than mechanical hard drives, despite being flash storage. That could be catastrophic if you happen to have something like a Nintendo Switch or a Steam Deck — sure, storing games on SD cards might save you some space on your console’s built-in storage, but you need to run those games from the SD card, and if it’s too slow, loading games could be a pain. These Samsung cards are among the fastest you can get as far as SD cards go, and if you were to put one of these on your console, you might be able to cut down on game loading times a bit.

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