Samsung Wants to Improve Galaxy Device Repairs, With uBreakiFix’s Help

Samsung doesn’t have the extensive retail store network that Apple enjoys, so over the years it has partnered with uBreakiFix to offer device repairs for Galaxy devices. That hasn’t been a perfect solution, though, so Samsung is now looking to upgrade some uBreakiFix locations to improve the repair process.

Samsung has announced that it will upgrade 50 existing uBreakiFix locations into “flagship Samsung repair locations” by the end of 2023. The company explained, ” Samsung and uBreakiFix by Asurion soft launched the first five flagship locations this summer, during peak phone repair season, in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando and Los Angeles. Flagship stores are selected by both Samsung and uBreakiFix by Asurion based on stores’ Samsung repair metrics — including volume of Samsung device repairs, turnaround time and customer satisfaction – as well as location within a major metropolitan area for maximum reach.”

The flagship stores will be provided with specialized Samsung repair equipment, more inventory of replacement parts, and additional staff training for Samsung devices. The goal is to improve not just the quality of the repairs, but also the time it takes for repairs to be completed. Samsung is hoping to increase the number of repairs that can be completed in the same day, without sending the device off-site.

uBreakiFix has a mixed reputation with Samsung repairs, and because many of its stores are independent franchises (think McDonalds or Planet Fitness) rather than corporate-owned, not every store has the best management and repair experience. Ideally, Samsung should be building up its own repair and retail centers that it fully owns and operates (like Apple), but that’s an investment that the company doesn’t seem interested in right now. Samsung has also partnered with a few other tech repair providers in the United States, such as Best Buy, so uBreakiFix isn’t necessarily the only option if your Galaxy phone has a cracked screen or dead battery.

Samsung also started offering self-repair kits for some of its devices last year, with help from iFixit, so you can actually do some repairs yourself if you’re feeling brave enough. However, there still aren’t any kits available for the Galaxy S23 series, which was released in February.

Source: Samsung

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