NVIDIA’s Cloud Game Streaming Comes to Samsung TVs

Look ‘ma, no game console.

GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s game streaming service, which has gained some popularity for its integration with Steam and other existing game libraries. Now you can play GeForce NOW somewhere else: your smart TV.

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NVIDIA announced back in January that it was working on GeForce NOW support for some Samsung smart TVs, and today it’s finally rolling out. GeForce NOW will be accessible in the TV Gaming Hub, alongside services like Xbox Game Streaming and Google Stadia, but only on Samsung’s 2022 lineup. NVIDIA says there will be a GeForce NOW app in the app store for older Samsung TVs, or you can plug in a streaming device that runs Android TV or Google TV. GeForce NOW is also available on select 2021 LG TVs.

The new integration means you don’t necessarily need a game console plugged in to enjoy some popular games — just connect a wireless game controller, and you’re good to go. However, GeForce does require a $9.99/mo subscription if you want to play for longer than one hour at a time. Xbox Game Streaming is also available on Samsung TVs, which is part of the $14.99/mo Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan. Google Stadia is the last major option, and doesn’t require a monthly subscription beyond paying for each game, unless you want 4K streaming with Stadia Pro.

Samsung Gaming Hub screenshot

NVIDIA also announced a system update for the Shield TV, known as ‘Software Experience Upgrade 9.1,’ which adds an automatic low-latency mode when playing games or video conferencing. GeForce NOW members can also now get 20% off on gaming controllers sold by SteelSeries — the discount is available from the rewards section of NVIDIA accounts with an active GeForce NOW subscription.

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