Nomad’s New 130W USB-C Power Adapter is Pretty Small

Are you still using the chunky USB-C charger that came with your laptop? Nomad just launched its most powerful GaN charger yet—a 130-watt beast with three USB-C ports and a smaller form factor than chargers from Apple and other brands. It’s an excellent option for those who need a portable charger, or who simply want a small multi-port power brick at their desk.

The 130-watt Nomad charger uses GaN technology to achieve its small size and massive power delivery. It offers 100-watt speeds when charging a single device over any of its three USB-C ports. When charging two devices, the top port stays at 100 watts, while the middle and bottom ports output at 30 watts (if you only use the middle and bottom ports, they’re 65 watts each). If all three ports are in use, the top one outputs at 70 watts, while the others provide 30 watts each.

Because of these charging speeds, Nomad compares its 130-watt charger to Apple’s 96-watt and 140-watt power bricks. And it’s a pretty compelling comparison. While the Nomad charger is a bit pricey at $110, it’s smaller than Apple’s fastest laptop chargers, and it has three ports instead of one. The only drawback is that it can’t charge a single device at 130 watts. The “130-watt” rating refers to its total output capabilities, rather than its ability to charge one laptop or one smartphone. Apple’s 140-watt brick, by comparison, actually pushes 140 watts through a single USB-C cable.

Of course, this is just one of Nomad’s ultra-portable power adapters. The company also sells GaN chargers in 65-watt, 30-watt, and 20-watt configurations. I suggest checking out these smaller options if you want to save a bit of money (especially if you’re using a MacBook Air, as it charges at a much lower wattage than other laptops).

You can now buy the 130W USB-C power adapter at Nomad’s online store for $110. Note that this charger’s size and port selection are its biggest selling points. If you just need a powerful USB-C brick for your laptop and you don’t care about size or port selection, there are plenty of more affordable alternatives on Amazon.

Source: Nomad

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