Mozilla Is Starting Its Own Mastodon Server

Another company is going all in on the Fediverse.

When looking for an alternative to Twitter, Mastodon is probably one of the options that pops up more frequently. Yet, you’re probably faced by a confusing choice on which server to join — Mozilla wants to be the answer.

The maker of the Firefox browser is officially spinning up its own Mastodon server, joining the many servers currently available. It will be available for public testing early next year, and whenever it’s out, you’ll be able to sign up for an account there on The page isn’t live yet, but it’ll presumably be filled up with more info soon

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The magic of Mastodon server is that you can still follow other people even if they’re on other servers. If all your friends are on, or on other more specialized servers, and you still want to sign up for Mozilla’s, it shouldn’t be a problem. Mozilla isn’t the first tech company to tread these waters either, as Vivaldi also recently released its own Mastodon server.

Mozilla says it wants to contribute to the “healthy and sustainable growth of a federated social space that doesn’t just operate but thrives on its own terms, independent of profit- and control-motivated tech firms.” It should be a catch-all server just like most servers you can currently join on Mastodon, except this one will be backed by Mozilla.

We’ll have to wait and see how Mozilla handles hosting a massive Mastodon server — the company has occasionally had issues with data privacy and partnerships with companies like Meta (Facebook).

Source: Mozilla

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