Messenger Gets End-to-End Encryption for Voice and Video Chats

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Facebook announced a new update for its popular Messenger app that will finally bring end-to-end encryption to voice and video calls. Additionally, Facebook said that it is rolling out updated controls for disappearing messages. Both features will help make Messenger more secure for those who take advantage of them.

Facebook Messenger’s New Secure Update

Facebook has long realized the value in offering end-to-end encryption, as the option to encrypt text chats has been in the app since 2016. However, the company is now rolling out the same level of privacy and security to voice and video chats.

The company claims that it handles more than 150 million video calls per day on Messenger, so providing the option to encrypt them is a smart move.

With end-to-end encryption, nobody else, including Facebook, will be able to see or hear your voice and video chats. However, you will need to enable encryption, as it won’t be on by default. You’ll have to flip to a “Secret Conversation” (Messenger’s name for end-to-end encrypted chats) for your voice and video chats to receive encryption.

Facebook disappearing messages

Additionally, Facebook is adding more options to its disappearing messages feature, which is also a part of secret conversations. The company has expanded the options for how long messages will stick around in disappearing mode. Now, you can choose anywhere between five seconds to as long as 24 hours.

Messenger Is Catching Up

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has offered encryption for calling for some time now, so it’s good to see Messenger catching up in security. Hopefully, Facebook keeps bringing new security enhancements to all of its messaging apps, as locking down conversations is always an excellent way to create some extra peace of mind.

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