Lenovo’s First ARM ThinkPad With 5G Is Now Widely Available

Lenovo announced the ThinkPad X13s earlier this year as a 5G-equipped laptop powered by Qualcomm’s best Snapdragon chip for laptops. Lenovo has sold it for a while, and now it’s available at Verizon too.

The ThinkPad X13s has already been available from Lenovo since May, but starting today, you can also buy it directly from Verizon. While most Windows PCs use x86 processors from Intel and AMD, the ThinkPad X13s is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 chipset. That’s an ARM-based design from Qualcomm, the same company that manufactures the chipsets for many high-end Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S22 (in the US) and OnePlus 10 Pro.

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Qualcomm’s chipset allows the ThinkPad X13s to connect directly to 5G and LTE networks, including Verizon’s ‘Ultra Wideband’ (C-Band) 5G. The more power-efficient chipset is also supposed to offer battery life closer to what you would get with tablets — Lenovo promised 28 hours of battery life in the initial announcement. The idea is that you can take the laptop anywhere and have an instant (and super fast) internet connection, without the need to use your smartphone as a hotspot.

The main catch is that you are stuck with the ARM version of Windows 11, which can’t run some Windows software. Some applications not built for ARM (yet) can be emulated, but that slows down performance and cuts into the long-lasting battery life. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips also aren’t nearly as fast as the ARM-based chips Apple is producing for modern Mac computers, like the new M2 MacBook Air.


Even though the laptop has been available for about two months from Lenovo directly, there aren’t many independent real-life tests and reviews yet. There are only five reviews on Lenovo’s online store, with one person saying it “easily lasts over 20 hours of regular use,” while others complained about the lack of USB Type-A ports and Linux support.

Verizon is only selling one hardware configuration, with 512 GB storage and 16 GB RAM, for $1,499.99 (payment plans are available). Lenovo allows the laptop to be configured with up to 32 GB RAM and 1 TB storage on its online store.

Source: Verizon

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