Jabra’s New Earbuds Are Feature-Packed and Built to Last

Jabra is one of the best-known brands for wireless earbuds. The company makes a range of true wireless earbuds, many of which punch above their weight price-wise. There are plenty of options for premium earbuds right now, including Sony’s latest WF-1000XM5 and Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds 2, and now Jabra is introducing two more competitors.

Jabra has just announced the Elite 8 Active and the Elite 10, its newest premium wireless earbuds. As you might be able to guess by the name, the former are more rugged and are meant for more active lifestyles, while the latter are the kind you want to get if you’re after premium features.

Let’s start with the Jabra Elite 8 Active. The earbuds come with MIL STD-810H certification as well as IP68 certification for dust and water, basically ensuring the earbuds are resistant to the elements and can take an active lifestyle.

Jabra Elite 8A Caramel Contextual Dust Landscape

Jabra says the earbuds went through Highly Accelerated Corrosion Testing (HACT), which is 11 cycles of hardcore testing. That involves enduring two hours in 104°F temperatures with 93% humidity, a 15-minute splash test in saltwater, and a 15-minute 104°F heat drying test. That should ensure the earbuds can handle just about any weather or workout, as long as you’re not in water for an extended time. And they still manage to sound excellent, come with ANC, and have 8 hours of battery life — supposedly 32 hours with the charging case.

Jabra Elite 10 Titanium Black Contextual Beauty Large RGB Landscape

As for the Jabra Elite 10, these come with Dolby Atmos certification as well as support for Dolby Head Tracking. It also promises ultra-powerful ANC, although we’d have to see how well it fares compared to other earbuds within the same price range. Other features include six mics for calls, six hours of listening time (27 hours of battery life total with the case), Bluetooth Multipoint support, and a pocket-friendly cradle. This is as premium as Jabra earbuds get, and if you’ve liked the cheaper ones, you’ll find these to be great.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active are available now for $199, while the Jabra Elite 10 will become available in the next few weeks for a $249 price point. If you’re on the fence, check out our Jabra Elite 8 Active review and Jabra Elite 10 review for more information and testing.

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