Intel Is Killing Its Pentium and Celeron Brands

There used to be a time when Intel’s Pentium series was the company’s flagship CPU range. It’s been 29 years since Intel launched the very first Pentium processor and 24 years since the first Celeron was launched. After three decades, Intel will finally begin phasing out both brands.

Intel has announced that it will stop using the Pentium and Celeron brands on 2023 notebooks. Both Pentium and Celeron remained on store shelves as entry-level CPUs for both laptops and desktop PCs. While Intel will still have CPUs to fill this market segment, they won’t carry Pentium or Celeron branding, but rather, they’ll just be marketed as just “Intel Processor.”

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Intel says that this move is made to simplify its CPU range and let users “focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.” Intel’s focus CPU-wise will remain on the Core, Evo, and vPro brands, but we won’t see any more Celeron, Pentium Silver, or Pentium Gold laptops.

It’s not clear at the moment if this move will also affect Intel’s entry-level desktop range. Even if it doesn’t, it probably will down the road. The company currently has Pentium Gold and Celeron chips based on the same Alder Lake architecture as Intel’s 12th gen Core chips. Both are dual-core, and the Pentium Gold has hyperthreading, while the Celeron doesn’t.

If the branding change also applies to desktops, it’ll mean the definitive demise of the Pentium and Celeron brandings. Intel will need to come up with a way to reliably explain to users which chip is better than the other, though. Otherwise, it could make Intel’s entry-level range way more confusing than it already is.

Source: Intel / The Verge

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