How to Use Memoji During a FaceTime Call on iPhone and iPad

Memoji characters are a great way to spice up boring FaceTime calls. Replace your face with a live Memoji talking head for some added fun! Here’s how to use Memoji during a FaceTime call on your iPhone and iPad.

Once you have set up your Memoji character from the Messages app, you can use them directly in FaceTime.

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You can start a FaceTime call directly from the FaceTime app, Phone app, or the Contacts app. The fastest method is to use the Phone app.

Here, go to the “Contacts” tab and then tap the “Search” bar. Search for the contact you want to FaceTime and select their name to open the contact page.

Select Contact From Search

Now, tap the “Video” button from the “FaceTime” section to start a video call. The “Memoji” feature also works with group FaceTime calls.

Tap Video Button from Contacts

Once the video call starts, tap the “Effects” button from the bottom toolbar.

Tap the Effects Button from FaceTime Call

Here, select the “Memoji” icon.

Tap Memoji Button from Effects

You can now scroll through and select a Memoji or Animoji character. Tap on a Memoji character to switch to it.

Select Your Memoji

You’ll now see the Memoji character overlaid on your face.

Memoji On Face

As you change your expressions and move your head, so will the Memoji character on your face. The other party will hear your voice, but your Memoji character will be the one doing the talking.

Using FaceTime with Memoji Full Screen View

In fact, you can go further and add Memoji stickers on top of your Memoji character. To do this, tap the “Effects” button again and choose the “Memoji Stickers” option.

Tap on Memoji Stickers

From here, select a Memoji sticker.

Select Memoji Sticker

You will now see the stickers around your Memoji character. You can add more stickers here if you want.

Memoji With Memoji Stickers in FaceTime

Once you’re done with the Memoji character and you want to remove it, simply tap the “Effects” button.

Tap Effects To Disable Memoji

To end the FaceTime call, tap the “End” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Tap End Button To Cut The Call

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