How to Unpair a Samsung Galaxy Watch

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The first thing you do when setting up a new Samsung Galaxy Watch is pair it to your phone. Naturally, there are times you may want to unpair it. We’ll show you the two different ways to do that.

When we talk about “unpairing” a Galaxy Watch from your phone, there are two very different things that can mean. You can “unpair” from the Bluetooth menu, making your phone forget the watch, or simply disconnect the watch from your phone temporarily.

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Unpair a Samsung Galaxy Watch

First, swipe down once or twice—depending on your phone—from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

Tap the gear icon.

Next, go to “Connections” or “Connected Devices”—whichever one mentions “Bluetooth.”

Go to "Connections."

Tap the gear icon next to your Galaxy Watch or go to “Bluetooth” first if you don’t see it.

Select "Bluetooth."

On the device screen, select “Unpair” or “Forget.”

Unpairing your watch will require you to fully reset it the next time you pair it to the same phone or a new phone.

Tap "Unpair."

You’ll be asked to confirm if you want to unpair/forget, and it will remind you that the watch will need to be paired again to use.

Select "Unpair" again.

That’s it, your watch is now unpaired and won’t be able to connect again without being set up.

Disconnect a Samsung Galaxy Watch

To simply disconnect your Galaxy Watch from your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the hamburger menu icon.

Tap the menu icon.

Now tap the chain icon to disconnect the currently connected Galaxy Watch.

Tap the chain icon.

The watch will now be disconnected from your phone. This does not “unpair” the watch, which means you can connect it to the same phone again without needing to reset it.

That’s all there is to it! Two methods of disconnecting your Galaxy Watch that service different purposes. It’s also possible to reset your Galaxy Watch directly on the watch itself.

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