How to Turn on “OK Google” When Using Google Maps on iPhone

“OK Google” works on your iPhone when you’re using Google Maps.

Siri is the built-in virtual assistant for the iPhone and iPad, but there are plenty of ways to use Google Assistant instead. If you use Google Maps, you can enable the “OK Google” voice command while using navigation. Let’s do it.

Google Maps for the iPhone and iPad has a Google Assistant shortcut button in navigation mode. However, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road while driving, which makes the “OK Google” feature quite handy.

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The Google Assistant in navigation mode is the same Google Assistant that you would use anywhere else. It’s not limited to only travel-related queries. Here are a few commands that can be useful while driving:

  • “Send a text to Mom.”
  • “Gas stations nearby.”
  • “How’s traffic ahead?”
  • “Avoid tolls.”
  • “Mute voice guidance.”

First, open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad. From the home screen, tap your profile icon in the top-right corner.

tap your profile icon

Next, select “Settings” from the pop-up menu.

select settings

In Settings, go to “Navigation.”

go to navigation

Scroll down and find “Access Your Assistant with ‘OK Google.”‘ Toggle the switch on.

access your assistant with ok google

A pop-up will ask you to give Google Maps access to your microphone. Tap “OK” if you agree.

give microphone access

You’re done! Now, when you’re driving and navigating with Google Maps, you can simply say “OK Google” to use Google Assistant. Keep in mind that this only works in turn-by-turn navigation mode.

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