How to Turn On Autocorrect

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You can turn on autocorrect on Android using the Keyboard Settings for your specific keyboard. On Windows, iPhone, and iPad, you can find the feature in your Device Settings. On Mac, the feature is located inside System Preferences. In Microsoft Word, activate the feature under “Word Options.”

Autocorrect is an incredible tool that automatically fixes your misspelled words. While the feature comes enabled by default on many devices, you can also turn it on manually. We’ll show you how to do that on Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Microsoft Word.

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Turn On Autocorrect on Android

How you enable autocorrect on Android varies by the phone model you use. In most cases, you can find the option in your phone or keyboard settings.

Here, we’ve covered the steps to enable autocorrect on Samsung phones using Samsung Keyboard and Gboard.

Enable Autocorrect on a Samsung Phone

If you use Samsung Keyboard on your Samsung Android phone, you can toggle on the autocorrect feature by following the steps below.

Open Settings on your phone and select “General Management.”


Tap “Samsung Keyboard Settings.”


Choose “Auto Replace.”


Toggle on the option.

Enable the option.

Enable Autocorrect in Gboard

To enable autocorrect in Gboard, tap a text field or text editor to open your keyboard. Then, tap the Gear icon at the top of your open keyboard.

Select the gear icon at the top.

You’ll land on a “Settings” page. Here, select “Text Correction.”


On the “Text Correction” page, toggle on the “Auto-Correction” option.

Turn on

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Turn On Autocorrect on Windows

Microsoft Windows offers an autocorrect feature, but unlike other devices, it doesn’t work in all apps. You can use the feature in some apps installed from the official Microsoft Store.

To turn it on, launch Settings by pressing Windows+i. Then, select “Devices.”


In the sidebar on the left, choose “Typing.” Then, on the right pane, toggle on the “Autocorrect Misspelled Words” option.

Enable "Autocorrect Misspelled Words."

Windows will now fix typos in your texts in supported apps.

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Turn On Autocorrect on iPhone and iPad

To activate your iPhone or iPad’s autocorrect feature, launch Settings on your phone.

In Settings, select “General.”


On the “General” page, choose “Keyboard.”


On the “Keyboards” screen, toggle on “Auto-Correction.”

Turn on

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Turn On Autocorrect on Mac

Mac also offers an autocorrect feature to help you fix spelling errors.

To enable that feature, head into Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Text. Then, turn on “Correct Spelling Automatically.”


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Turn On Autocorrect in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has its own autocorrect feature to help you fix all the typos in your documents.

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To turn it on, launch Word and select “Options” in the left sidebar.


In the “Word Options” window’s left sidebar, click “Proofing.” Then, on the right pane, choose “AutoCorrect Options.”

Select Proofing > AutoCorrect Options.

In the window that opens, select the “AutoCorrect” tab. Then, enable the “Replace Text As You Type” option.

Finally, click “OK” at the bottom.


Choose “OK” on the “Word Options” window.

That’s it! Autocorrect should now be enabled on your various devices. While you’re at it, you might want to learn how to type faster on your smartphone’s touch keyboard.

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