How to Turn Off the Burn Bar in Apple Fitness+

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The Burn Bar compares your performance to other people who’ve done the same Apple Fitness+ workout—and lets you know how you rank up. It’s supposed to be motivating, but you can turn it off if you’d rather not see it.

What Is the Burn Bar in Apple Fitness+?

First though, it’s worth understanding what exactly the Burn Bar measures. Strictly, it compares your calorie burn over the last two minutes of the workout (which is why it only appears after two minutes) and, at the end of the workout, your average for the whole thing, to other people who’ve done it. However, you’re not compared against absolutely everyone. Instead, you’re given a score—Behind the Pack, In the Pack, Middle of the Pack, Front of the Pack, or Ahead of the Pack—based on other people your age, gender, and weight. If you’re just starting out and aren’t the fittest, you don’t need to worry about always being Behind the Pack even when you’re working hard.

After your first Fitness+ workout, there’s an option to turn the Burn Bar off. If you missed it, the option to disable it can be a little hard to find.

option to turn burn bar off
If you missed this pop up, don’t worry.

How to Turn Off the Burn Bar in Apple Fitness+

To toggle the Burn Bar on or off, open the “Fitness+” app on an iPhone or iPad, select any workout, and tap “Let’s Go.”

apple fitness+ main screen

apple fitness+ workout

Next, tap the metrics symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

metrics button highlighted

Tap the switch to the right of “Burn Bar” to toggle it off. While it’s disabled, it will no longer be green. Tap “Done” to save your changes.

burn bar option highlighted

If you want to do the workout, go right ahead. However, if you just want to disable the Burn Bar for future workouts, you don’t need to start it.

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