How to Turn off an App’s Notifications in CarPlay

Are notifications in Apple CarPlay bugging you while you drive?

Tired of seeing notifications from a certain app (such as Reminders) while using Apple CarPlay with your iPhone? Not all apps produce notifications that show up in CarPlay, but when they do, they can be annoying. Here’s how to hide specific app notifications without disabling them completely.

First, if you’re driving, pull over and park in a safe location. Pick up your iPhone and launch Settings.

Tap the

In Settings, tap “Notifications.”

In iPhone or iPad Settings, tap

In Notifications, you’ll see a list of apps. Scroll through and select the app whose notifications you’d like to disable or mute in CarPlay. We’re using “Reminders” as an example.


In that app’s notifications settings, turn off “Show in CarPlay.”

Tap the switch beside

After that, exit Settings. From now on, that app’s notifications will be muted while you’re using CarPlay. For extra safety, you might also consider enabling “Do Not Disturb While Driving” in CarPlay, which will automatically mute some notifications while you’re driving. Happy trails!

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