How to Turn Off Alarms on Your Phone

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On Android, you can delete alarms in Google’s Clock app, Samsung’s Clock app, or whatever alarm app you use on your phone. On iPhone, you can remove alarms from the Clock app as well. Tap the “Alarm” icon and use the Edit option or swipe left on an alarm to remove it.

Want to ensure your phone alarm doesn’t interrupt your slumber? Turn your alarms off or delete them! We’ll show you how to do just that on both iPhone and Android right here.

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Turn Off or Delete Alarms on Android

The way you disable alarms on Android varies by the phone model you have. Here, we’ll cover the steps for Google’s Clock app and Samsung’s Clock app.

Disable Alarms in Google’s Clock App

If your phone uses Google’s official Clock app, launch that app on your phone. In the app’s bottom bar, tap “Alarm.”


On the “Alarm” page, find the alarm to disable. Then, in that alarm’s bottom-right corner, toggle off the switch.

Turn off the toggle for an alarm.

The switch is now grayed out, indicating the alarm is disabled.

Alarm switched off in Google's Clock app.

If you’d like to remove an alarm, tap that alarm on the list. Then, in the expanded menu, choose “Delete.”


Your chosen alarm is now gone from your Clock app.

Deactivate Alarms in Samsung’s Clock App

To turn off alarms on a Samsung phone, launch your phone’s stock Clock app. In the app’s bottom bar, tap “Alarm.”


On the following page, next to the alarm you want to turn off, switch off the toggle. Your alarm is now disabled.

Turn off the alarm toggle.

To remove an alarm, tap the three dots at the top of the alarm list. Choose “Edit.”


You can now select the alarm(s) to delete. Tap the circle icon beside an alarm to select it.

Once you’ve chosen your alarm(s) to delete, at the bottom, tap “Delete.”

Select an alarm and tap

If you turn off an alarm, you can re-enable it whenever you want. However, if you choose to delete an alarm, you’ll have to re-create that alarm to use it again.

Turn Off or Delete Alarms on iPhone

Disabling alarms on your iPhone is easy too. To start, launch the Clock app on your iPhone.

In the Clock app’s bottom bar, tap “Alarm.”


On the “Alarm” page, next to the alarm you want to disable, toggle off the switch.

Turn off the toggle for an alarm.

To delete an alarm, tap “Edit” in your screen’s top-left corner.


Tap the “-” (minus) sign next to the alarm you want to delete. Then, choose “Delete.”

When you’re done, in your screen’s top-left corner, select “Done.”


And that’s it. Your phone’s alarms won’t disturb your rest anymore. Happy sleeping!

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